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“Kelli managed all of the graphic design for the March of Dimes Signature Chefs Auction in Philadelphia. This included the save the date, program book, invitation, email invitations, social media invites and signage. As the director of this event it was reassuring to know Kelli’s expert vision and skills always provided superior designs for the event materials. Additionally, Kelli who worked on a volunteer basis would work tirelessly until the projects produced an excellent finished product. Working with someone like Kelli, who is such a kind and easy going person was a such a great pleasure. I would highly recommend her for any job.”

Joanne Marder

Community Director, March of Dimes

“I hired Kelli to build a comprehensive marketing program for Strategy Development. Over her time with the company Kelli fulfilled that goal and more. Kelli developed a comprehensive and integrated program that included a completely new website, social marketing and e-mail marketing campaigns, and variable print that integrated with our trade show events. Kelli is creative and analytical and willing to continuously improve her skills to stay ahead of changes in the marketing landscape. I’d strongly recommend Kelli for any marketing or brand awareness assignment.”

Tom Callinan

Managing Partner, Strategy Development

(This is) a strong letter of recommendation for Kelli Jones. I have worked with Kelli for better than 7-years and unfortunately her position was eliminated at the end of January (2009). The elimination of her job is by no means a reflection on Kelli, her skills or her work ethic. In fact, Kelli is an extremely talented and capable person who will be a great addition to any team. Here is a short list of qualities that are evident to me as we have worked together for many years:

  • Extremely hard working – Kelli will never watch a clock and will work until the job at hand is complete
  • Very professional – Whether working with customers or co-workers, Kelli is always thought of as being a true professional
  • Smart – Kelli picks up on things very quickly and never has to be told twice how to do anything and she is also open and capable of picking up on new technologies
  • Committed – She is a true company person and will give the company that she is working for 100% and will never let personal obligations interfere with business.

Kelli is a hard working professional that would be an asset to any organization. My association with her has been outstanding and I would expect her to be an impact player at her next job.

Howard Silverstein

President, Objectif Lune

“Kelli, is one of those very rare people who always do what they say they will do. She’s always ahead of the game which I think is due to her ability to anticipate the needs of others. On every occasion that I’ve worked with her my over-riding feeling is that she ‘get’s it’ and is already at the place that I’m just arriving at… Some people might describe this kind of behaviour as super-natural – I just call it Kelli. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who needs a safe pair of hands in their organisation.”

Colin Casey

Director of Business Development EMEA, Objectif Lune BV