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Printed Marketing Materials

Family of Brochures


A family of brochures with a similar look and feel which match the website detailing various offerings from Strategy Development.  A different color scheme for each brochureis used for differentiation. 

Data Sheet


Single page data sheet for Lloyd’s of Pennsylvania designed for a trade show detailing highlights of the company and pricing on the reverse. The images match the website for a cohesive looks across all customer touchpoints.

HOA Newsletter


Two page newsletter for a community HOA detailing upcoming events and community news.

Mailers & Program Guide


Following the general corporate template, created Save the Date cards, Invitations and a multiple page, complex Program Book for a large fundraising event for the March of Dimes.  Volunteered several years to complete these projects for the event.

Event Invitation


Created an elegant themed invitation commemorating the 50th Anniversary of a Condominium complex.

Community Picnic Invitation


Designed a one page, full color invitation for a community picnic.

Printed Software User Guide


Created a printed Step by Step Guide for software from Objectif Lune.  The guide contains detailed instructions along with screen shots to go from no experience to power user.

Flash Based Software Training


Created a training guide detailing how to utilize the complex software from Objectif Lune.